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Kenya: Small Scale Wind Request for Expressions of Interest

The E7 Fund intends to support a community in the Lamu District in Kenya through the provision of wind power to support an existing isolated diesel generation and distribution scheme.
The E7 group of electricity companies ( has a commitment to playing an active role in relation to global electricity issues and sustainable development. The provision of affordable electricity to rural communities is a key component of sustainable development and alleviation of poverty. Electricity is a major factor in the achievement of two primary goals – the provision of essential services such as health, education, water, and the support for economic development through productive activities.

To this aim, following extensive scoping and feasibility assessment, the E7 is providing assistance in upgrading and strengthening a community owned and operated mini grid and generation system. The area has been identified as having a high electricity demand and growth potential. The existing diesel generation system, with roughly 260KVA installed and another 600kVA due to be installed early in 2006, provides for a customer base of 240. Prospective customers are presently restricted from connecting due to existing capacity constraints.

The increasing price of diesel is adding additional pressure to the viability of the project and the E7 has identified wind as having the potential to reduce the cost of generation and dependency on fossil fuels and generate a proportion of the power requirements through indigenous environmentally friendly resources.

The E7 therefore invites eligible companies to indicate their interest in the provision of services to engineer, procure and construct (EPC) an appropriate wind power system for permanent connection to the existing isolated grid. Interested companies shall be requested to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire which shall be assessed by E7 to determine whether they are qualified to undertake the role as EPC Contractor.

A separate enquiry may also be issued locally for upgrading the existing distribution network; however companies are also invited to indicate any interest in this activity.

The pre-qualification questionnaire shall be requested from
The pre-qualification questionnaire must be delivered in both hard copy and electronic form to the address and email contact below by 12 noon 23 December 2005.

All queries submitted will be rewritten and displayed on the tender website to appear anonymously with responses.

Please be sure to type “E7 Wind Expressions of Interest” in the subject line of email transmissions of EOIs for this request.

Jonathan Curren
E7 Wind Expressions of Interest (Do not open)
c/o ESD
SN13 9TZ

Additional information:
News date: 09/12/2005

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