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Seeking Ideas for Better Water, Sanitation and Energy Supplies

The World Bank will award $4 million to the best ideas for projects in developing countries.
The Bank will award $4 million to the best ideas on providing clean water, sanitation and energy to local communities in developing countries during its annual Development Marketplace on May 9, 2006. Entitled "Innovation in Water, Sanitation, and Energy Services for Poor People," the competition seeks proposals for local, small-scale projects with the potential to be scaled up. The winners will be selected by a jury of Bank and independent development experts at the event in Washington. Previous winning projects include! childre n's merry-go-rounds that doubled as village water pumps in South Africa and reusing mosque water to irrigate dry fields in Yemen. The competition is open to civil society groups, social entrepreneurs, youth organizations, private foundations, academia and private-sector corporations with unique ideas that may not attract funding from traditional sources of finance. The maximum award will be $200,000 per proposal

Additional information: World Bank
News date: 21/11/2005

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