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Invitations for Expression of Interest Eritrea

The Department of Energy of Eritrea is inviting bidders to express their interest in a 750 kW wind park.
The Department of Energy (DoE) under the Ministry of Energy and Mines of the State of Eritrea, has commenced a Wind Energy Application Project funded by the Government of Eritrea and the UNDP/GEF. Part of this project entails the supply, installation and commissioning of a 750 kW wind farm (3 * 250 kW) and the reinforcement of the existing grid at the location of the wind farm.

The DoE is therefore issuing an invitation to bidders to express their interest in carrying out this turn-key project. The deadline for submission of the expression of interest from potential bidders, answering the information requests mentioned in the invitation letter is October 10, 2005.

The full letter by the DoE can be downloaded here.

Additional information:
News date: 28/09/2005

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