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Namibia to harness wind power

Development of the country’s first-ever wind power generation plant, with a capacity to generate 44 megawatts of electricity, has started with a detailed wind assessment at Diaz Point in Lüderitz.
The project is set to cost N$1 billion (US$150 million).
Developers would set up wind turbines at Diaz Point. Among many technical requirements, the assessment would determine the number of turbines needed as well as their size.

Partners involved in the project are United Africa Group, Japanese-based Sojitz Corporation, and Korea Midland Power based in Seoul, South Korea.

The three companies signed a memorandum of understanding in Windhoek late last year, which formalised the basic framework between them as partners.

Sojitz says in a statement that it would be the first time a Japanese firm participates in an independent power project in sub-Saharan Africa. Sojitz is involved in the development of energy as well as technical equipment.
The three partners would raise the money through project financing.

If all goes according to plan, the wind power generation plant would sign a long-term power supply agreement with the national energy utility company, NamPower, by April this year. The plant would only go into operation in two years’ time - in 2013 - after which it would start considering the expansion of the plant to generate 90 MW.

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News date: 20/01/2011

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