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Small wind turbines for South African homes

David Gordon will be supplying the South African Government with wind turbines - and could soon been placing them atop Scotland's lampposts.
David Gordon's company Windsave has just signed a multi-million Pounds deal with the South African government to supply thousands of turbines for homes being built in new townships on the outskirts of Cape Town. The contract with the South African government has a value of £19million.

Mr Gordon: "It's a very significant contract to us. Over the next three years we'll be supplying 40,000 units, where the South African government are building the new townships. It is hoped the first turbines will be on their way by April.

“They're incorporating the turbines into the homes. They're extremely short of electricity generation and we're very fortunate because the wind profile in South Africa is excellent.”

In Britain six million lampposts may never look the same again if Windsave's aim to install mini-turbines on top of them goes ahead. The company is currently in talks with several local authorities across the country and claims the project could have multiple benefits, including helping to cut councils’ carbon footprints. Mr Gordon added: “The first major benefit is it allows the utilities to create energy for themselves to sell during the day. The second is local authorities will save money and allow them to keep the streetlamps on for public safety.

Additional information: WindSave web site
News date: 08/03/2009

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