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Eritrea: turn key 178 kW wind project agreement signed

On September 5th Fortis Wind Energy from Netherlands signed in Asmara (Eritrea) a one million US$ contract with the Ministry of Energy and Mines.
The contract is for delivery on turn key base 178 kW capacity of wind power. The wind turbines are used for village electrification, battery charging stations, wind-diesel systems and water pumping applications. Fortis Wind Energy started for this project a joint venture with the Italian company Agmin in Parma.

The project is sponsored by UNDP/World bank. Beside the contract with Fortis Wind Energy there are projects for installing 5 wind turbines of 250 kW. Also a bigger wind farm is planned. Feasibility studies are made and the government of Eritrea expect that they ask for bidding soon.

Eritrea has excellent wind resources. The average wind speeds are between 5,5 and 6,5 m/sec. Wind energy is an important energy source for the country because there are no other sources of power Oil and other energy sources has to be imported. Petrol is very expensive and diesel oil is only available with permission of the government.

Additional information: Fortis Wind
News date: 07/09/2007

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